The horror, the horror...

This page describes the Orwellian experience I had reading the Wall Street Journal’s obituary for William Safire on 27 September 2009. I admired Safire’s writing and his style, and I think the WSJ did shoddy justice to both, in their article and in the way they handled my critique.

It started when I saw this Google summary:

Before (9:25 PM EDT)

In economic and foreign policy, LIKE fashion and music...


I posted a comment on the WSJ web site twitting them on the irony of the grammatically poor first sentence. I wish I could show it here but it vanished — it must have been deemed doubleplusungood. See following. I didn’t belabor the other shortcomings of that awful sentence.

(I mean really — the 70s a dismal music decade? Even Frampton Comes Alive and Saturday Night Fever, for Gods sake. Furrfu! There was great, and fun, and great fun music. Now, as for fashion, I have no idea. But what a pointless, gratuitous, idiotic swipe.)

After (9:42 PM EDT)

In economic and foreign policy, LIKE fashion and music...


I then posted this comment. (My “it” was ambiguous: the screen shot I referred to was of the original article, not my response.) We’ll see if the second comment lasts in the public record. In any case, I think the WSJ flattered themselves in imagining that Safire had their back, just as they erred in thinking they had his.

My second posting to the WSJ.

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